Sales, Marketing & Channel: From Strategy to Success

Go2Market: Your Go-ahead for Fast-track Revenue Growth

Marcom: Setting the Perfect Stage for Product Innovations

Streamlined Sales Organizations for Market Expansion

HRM: Synergize Sales with “Farmers” & “Hunters”

Segmentation: Identify & Win Your most Profitable Clients

Portfolio: Cross- & Upselling for Extra Income

Running Smoothly: Tight Partner Integration into Sales Engines

Weichenstallung für Wachstum: Positionierung – Marktverhalten – Markenpolitik - Change & Neue Geschäftsmodelle - Sales- & Channel-Management

Setting the Course for Growth

Positioning – Market Behavior – Brand Strategy

Change & New Business

Sales & Field Service Management


Viable Concepts & Efficient Implementation

Sales Strategy for the Market


Sales Communication with the Market


Success in the Market

B2B Communication to Seal the Deal

Win the Client’s Heart, Mind & Loyalty

Enthrall, Activate & Orchestrate Partners

Commit Your Staff to Growth: Goal Alignment, Skill & Conflict Management

The INTERFACE FACTORS for Your Success in Markets:

Our Portfolio is our Commitment to Businesses Aiming at B2B-Market Expansion & Growth in Partner Sales.

Counseling for You. Implementation by Your Side.

Best in Partner Sales

Maximize Turnover Synergies

Powerful Expansion of Distribution Channels

Strategic Partner Selection

Efficient Partner Management

Joint Campaigning & Market Entry

Programs, Incentives, Support: Commit & Motivate Your Partners 


B2B Communication

Compelling Arguments & Emotional Appeal

Communications Strategy: Tonality, Style, Wording, Imagery & Design

Enticing & Sound: Highlight Your USPs, Benefit Promises & Claims

PR & Marcom: Featured Articles, Op-Ed’s, Case Studies & Collaterals

Customer Approach: Telesales Guidelines, Mailings & Newsletters

Events: Roundtables, Kick-offs & Keynotes

Sales Organization

The DNA of Sales Succes

Efficient Processes, Seamless Workflows & Clear Responsibilities

Smooth Integration of Back & Front Office

Full Distribution Chain Alignment from Sales Management to Field Service Teams

The perfect mix of Famers & Hunters for Sales Departments  


Sales Campus

Performance Trainings for Sales Teams
Advanced Skills for Farmers & Hunters
Practice in Verbal & Non-verbal Communication
Camera Training with Recording, Rehearsal & Debriefing Session
Motivation, Confidence & Techniques for Engaging with Difficult Clients

Leadership Coaching for Sales Managers
Change: Effective Methods how to Set, Promote & Push New Goals
Commitment: Techniques how to Commit & Enable Your Staff to Aim Higher
Monitoring: Real-time Performance Measurement & Enhancement

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy
Private Labels, Trademarks & Retail Brands
Sub & Core Brands

Brand Development
Brand Attributes & Personality
Graphics, Visuals, Wording & Positioning
Brand Launch & Campaigning: Game Plan & Implementation

Brand Awareness & Recognition
External Brand Communication: Multi-Channel
Internal Brand Communication: Excite Staff & Partners for Your Brand
Corporate Behavior in line with the Brand Personality

New Business & Change Management

Internal & External Change Communication: Staff, Partners, Investors, Clients, Stakeholders

Information Policy & Inspiration: Cultivating Staff & Stakeholders as Allies in Change

Mastering „Corporate Slack“: Techniques to Engage with Sceptics & to Win Naysayers

Conflict Settlement: Individual & Group Meetings to Mediate Controversies over Change 

Conflict Prevention: Techniques to Negotiate, to Compromise & Convince

Team Building: Kick-off Events, Workshops & Feedback Channels

Business Pact between Staff & Management: Binding Agreements on Requirements, Expectations & Fulfillment

Ratcheting up Revenue

A Sure Plus in Revenue: Cross- & Up-Selling

Identifying Potentials for Extra Revenue: Portfolio, Client, Partner & Market Analysis

Tapping Additional Sales Potentials: Service & Product Enhancement; New Offerings & Bundles

Portfolio Upgrade & Added Business Value: Cross- & Up-Selling with Partners

Sales Force & Field Service: New Technologies & Strategies (Tablets, Cloud, Digitalization) for Proactive Selling

Marketing & Marcom: Communications & Collaterals for Upvalued Offerings


Mapping The Road to new Client Segments

Kick-off Workshop: Paving Your Way to Additonal Outlets & Lucrative Business Areas

Game Planning: Defining Timeframes, Process Steps & Milestones for Your Go2Market

Focus: Full Alignment & Smooth Interaction of all Departments Involved (HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Channel Management)

Success Guide: Compiling a Practical Runbook (To-Do-List) From Start to Finish  

Success Recipe: Our Support by Your Side – Step by Step until the Objectives Are Met in Full

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